Insanity MAX:30 – The journey continue…

And the journey continue with Insanity MAX:30 Today I have started the programme that will run until the 26 March 2017 – in the picture above the results I had in the last 3 years, with more focus on what I have achieved since August 2016 when with Focus T25 I have stated to use […]

INSANITY – Month 1 End – Quick update on my Mind & Body Transformation journey!

Insane month for me with INSANITY, by the way the 1st month is gone and now I am looking forward to the Month number 2 which seems even more challenging. Overall fantastic month and very good results another 4 Kg lost (lowest weight ever) 83.5 Kg, and also I get rid of another 1.2% Body […]

41th Birthday (Getting Vintage) – Insanity Week 4 and BodyStats Check + Considerations!

41th Birthday (Getting Vintage) – Insanity Week 4 and BodyStats Check + Considerations!

Yesterday, 27 November 2016, was my 41th Birthday, I don’t usually care but, I was really tempted to celebrate with a huge amount of “lovely crappy food”….I won against the temptation and I have decided to celebrate, instead, eating even less calories than I usually do, even because this morning I supposed to have my weight […]

My Mind & Body Transformation Journey – Part 1 is now LIVE!

3 months ago I have decided to make my life more interesting starting a personal (private) “Mind & Body Transformation Challenge”, during the past 3 months I have documented everything in my blog secret in a Facebook group and on Youtube, everything was set on private but I have now decided to share my […]

Focus T25 Completed! Results after 96 days and the next challenge…

My 100 days mind and body transformation challenge has been completed today 4 November 2016. With my last workout from the Gamma cycle, I have complete with amazing results Focus T25 training programme by BeachBody. I have decided to keep going and transform the 100 days challenge to a 365 days challenge…so what’s next? Well, […]