Insanity & Core De Force Live Classes in Stockport | St Philip’s Catholic Primary School from January 2018

Insanity & Core De Force Live Classes in Stockport | St Philip’s Catholic Primary School from January 2018

This is the time of the year when people start to think about all desires and wishes they would like to  reach in the new year. Stop smoking, starting a diet, getting, fit, join a gym, the list is endless. Unfortunately all those wishes won’t last long. Usually by the end of January (if not […]

Insanity Hardest Workout? Max Interval Plyo!

Just finished my day 41 of Insanity (1st Week / Month 2) and I am pretty confident to say that Max Interval Plyo workout is the hardest workout in the whole programme and in my personal experience the hardest workout I have ever done since I started my journey in August  2016 with BeachBody home programmes with Focus T25. […]

Focus T25 T-Shirt – I NAILED IT!

Today I have received my free FOCUS T25 T-Shirt and I am very proud of it. It looks like a simple branded t-shirt but, IT’S NOT, this shirt is a symbol, the proof that you have started something challenging and you have finished it. The path was though, long and full of roadblocks but you have […]

INSANITY: Week 1 Day 6 – Last 5 minutes from the “Plyometric Cardio Circuit”.

This is my first week of INSANITY after I have NAILED on the 4th November 2016, Focus T25 Alpha, Beta and Gamma cycles and I am now waiting for my T25 t-shirt 🙂 Nothing I have ever done before, can be compared with this first week of Insanity, I think that never a name for […]

My Mind & Body Transformation Journey – Part 1 is now LIVE!

3 months ago I have decided to make my life more interesting starting a personal (private) “Mind & Body Transformation Challenge”, during the past 3 months I have documented everything in my blog secret in a Facebook group and on Youtube, everything was set on private but I have now decided to share my […]

Focus T25 Completed! Results after 96 days and the next challenge…

My 100 days mind and body transformation challenge has been completed today 4 November 2016. With my last workout from the Gamma cycle, I have complete with amazing results Focus T25 training programme by BeachBody. I have decided to keep going and transform the 100 days challenge to a 365 days challenge…so what’s next? Well, […]