I am a new Insanity Certified PRO Team Instructor!

After maybe a month or so without publishing anything on this blog, I am very proud and happy to share with you today another great achievement in my “Mind & Body Transformation Challenge”.

More than 6 months passed since I have started on the 1st of August 2016 and I can’t believe how many things changed and how many fantastic results I have achieved, actually results that I have never achieved in my life before.

Since August 2016, I have completed the 3 phases of Focus T25 and yesterday was my last day of Insanity. I did the standard two months of the programme plus another one using the Deluxe Workouts – Upper Body Weight and Sport Training, and yesterday I have celebrate the end of the 3 months with Insanity by successfully becoming an Insanity Certified Instructor and joining the BeachBody PRO Team in the United Kingdom.

With some great inspiring people at the Insanity Workshop!



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Insanity Hardest Workout? Max Interval Plyo!

Just finished my day 41 of Insanity (1st Week / Month 2) and I am pretty confident to say that Max Interval Plyo workout is the hardest workout in the whole programme and in my personal experience the hardest workout I have ever done since I started my journey in August  2016 with BeachBody home programmes with Focus T25.

I thought that the first month was though but The “Max” workouts of the second month are all pushed to a completely new level of  “Insanity” and I mean literally, you have really got to dig deep.

Basically you work for about 55 minutes with three different sets of exercises, the first two composed of three rounds of repetitions with a 30 minute water break between, where you have 30 seconds to think: “why am I doing this???” 🙂
The final set is the longest, and has hardest moves.

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INSANITY – Month 1 End – Quick update on my Mind & Body Transformation journey!

Insane month for me with INSANITY, by the way the 1st month is gone and now I am looking forward to the Month number 2 which seems even more challenging.

Overall fantastic month and very good results another 4 Kg lost (lowest weight ever) 83.5 Kg, and also I get rid of another 1.2% Body Fat.

Let’s see what will happen next…stay tuned!
Keep pushing, keep going.


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How to change a shit day in a great day!! Change your thoughts and focus!

This last day of November, started at the lowest point possible. For some reason I had not intention to do my Insanity workout, and I didn’t, and I was in an awful mood. 🙁

I usually do my workout around 6.30am, this morning at 8am I was still in bed, which something very uncommon for me and something I am not happy with.

Laziness without reason is not something I am comfortable with. Anyway sometime you need to let things go, some days are born to be shit and there is nothing to do with it!

Well, my last sentence, the underlined one above, it’s actually an excuse, an excuse that we often use when we are not willing to take responsibility for our own shit, when we decide to be not in control of our thoughts and we let our internal crap and negative self-talk define our days.

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Reminder: When Does the Body Start to Use Muscle Tissue for Energy?

LIVESTRONG.COM – Original Article by MOLLY MCADAMS Available here

If your body runs out of other sources of fuel, it will start to use muscle tissue for energy. This is not a normal condition, and your body will only start to use muscle tissue for energy under extreme conditions, such as if you are very sick, severely malnourished or not consuming enough calories over an extended period of time to support normal body functions.

Energy Needs

Every cell in your body needs energy to perform normal body functions such as moving, breathing, maintaining your heartbeat and healing damaged tissue. Normally, carbohydrates from your diet supply the types of sugar your body uses as its main source of energy. To get enough sugar from your diet to supply your body with the energy it needs, approximately half of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates. Your body is also able to produce energy from proteins and fat, but carbohydrates are considered the best source of energy because sugar is the only fuel your brain cells and certain other body cells can use.


During digestion, your body breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars that are converted to glucose, or blood sugar. Glucose travels in your blood to every cell in your body, where it is used to manufacture energy. If you consume more sugar than your body needs for immediate energy, some of the excess is converted into glycogen, a type of sugar that is stored in your muscle tissue. If your body needs glucose, and no sugar is coming in from your diet, glycogen is released from your muscles and broken down to supply enough glucose for energy to last about half a day.

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P90X: Healthy Birthday Present!

p90x-4__55061-1322510111-1280-1280P90X the old and famous home training programme from BeachBody as nice and healthy birthday present!
I have just received in the post with a 70% discount for Black Friday!

I love planning ahead so, I just finished to allocate the time for each one of the BeachBody home training programmes I own so far. If you are curious and/or maybe you are interested in joining the challenge with me :-), feel free to visit my complete 1 year-ish (378 days) training calendar!

P90X is booked in between 10 April 2017 and 04 June 2017!

Now I am only waiting the launch of Core de Force  (UK release 01/12/2016) and I am good for at least 1 year+ 🙂

2017 will be a busy and exciting year! 😉

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41th Birthday (Getting Vintage) – Insanity Week 4 and BodyStats Check + Considerations!

28112016-8-45amae_vintageYesterday, 27 November 2016, was my 41th Birthday, I don’t usually care but, I was really tempted to celebrate with a huge amount of “lovely crappy food”….I won against the temptation and I have decided to celebrate, instead, eating even less calories than I usually do, even because this morning I supposed to have my weight and body fat checked so it was a wise decision stay cleaned as possible.

Long story short, this morning at 6am, I started my week 4 of Insanity (Month 1) with a nice 56 minutes of Pure Cardio and Cardio ABS and then I went to check my progress with my PT.

15109360_10154035089387452_1499817315156141690_nA good celebration for my 41th birthday, I have lost 4 more Kg (Personal Weight World Record 83.5 Kg) since lat time I have checked on the 10 October 2016 and the Body fat percentage, dropped by 1.2% from 21% to 19.8%. Not too much but as I always say: one step at the time is better than no step at all.

Apparently, though, based on the stats, I am not eating enough daily calories to healthily sustain my training and my body transformation.

As part of the 4Kg loss, I also lost 0.9 kg in muscles and it seems like with the time this can damage my health. In order to prevent that….Guess? I have to eat more calories = I have to eat more food.

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Focus T25 T-Shirt, Taekwondo Blue Belt, Insanity 3rd Week – Celebration Week!

A celebration week for my “Mind and Body Transformation Challenge“.

Few days ago, I have received my Focus T 25 T-shirt after I have successfully completed the training programme between August and November 2016.

Right now I am already enjoying my 3rd week of Insanity and I also received my Taekwondo Blue belt after almost 3 years of hard work.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
Oprah Winfrey

If you are interested in starting a new challenging, but amazing journey with Martial Arts and you want to know more about Taekwondo visit: www.worldchampiontkd.co.uk or contact Ma’am Ruth Chare Smith to book your first introductory lesson.

Keep going, keep pushing

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Food & Sugar Cravings: A little story of success…

Behind every success there are struggles, nothing is free, nothing is easy BUT, small daily victories in little battles is what will make you win the war.

This is a story of a little battle I won against food and cravings, nothing special but something that reminds me that if you want, you have enough power within to change what is not helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Keep going, keep pushing.


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