Insanity Live at Seashell Trust – Cheadle Hulme

In the last 3 months I have been a super proud Insanity Instructor at Seashell Trust in Cheadle Hulme. I have met amazing people and I had a lot of fun with my class.
Most important thing though, I have witnessed the amazing work they do at Seashell Trust, helping and educating kids of all ages and from all walk of life to get through very challenging learning disabilities. Daily, they work very hard to give to those kids love, support and the best chances to live a perfect normal life.
Words are not enough to explain how proud I am to be part of this amazing reality.
On the 4th September I will be at the Seashell Trust Day to perform 2 Insanity Live classes between 9:30am and 11:30am. It will be challenging but, again, I am proud and ready to give everything I have to make the difference in all the amazing people that will take part of this fantastic event.
If you don’t know Seashell Trust and their work, please feel free to visit the website below. You can also follow the link: to help with a little donation to this amazing charity.
There is also a wonderful Bike event on the 17th September that worth checking out at:
Seashell Trust is also on:
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THINKLEAN Formula NO-DIET 90 Days Coaching Programme – It’s time for a CHANGE!

Hey I am back! In the last few months, I have been working on something I am very passionate about, something that I am going to share with you right now.

My biggest life challenges were always around weight loss, food addictions and food related health problems. 

I have spent 25 years of my life trying to lose weight in every way possible. I had to deal with all the possible pain, struggles and frustrations coming for diets, yo-yo dieting and food related issues, without ever achieving any substantial, long term result.

In the last 3 years though, thanks to the art of coaching, and thanks to my burning desire to finally overcome all my weight loss problems once and for all, I was able to create a completely new version of myself, both mentally and physically.

With a new mind-set, the right tools and the right actions, I was able to lose 80 pounds and completely change my relationship with food.

My journey, and my personal amazing results, gave me the urge and the desire to put my experience and my coaching skills at the service of others.

My desire today is to help you out there, facing the same struggles and frustrations I had for most part of my life, by being fat, struggling with diets that never worked, food addictions and food related health problems.

For this reason, I have spent the last 9 months, working on the THINKLEAN FORMULA, a super-advanced NO-DIET weight loss coaching programme that in 90 days, step by step, with my support, motivation and encouragement, and with tons of tools and techniques, will help you to bring your mind and your body to achieve results that you never imagined possible.

Today I have just released the official page of the coaching programme that you can feel free to visit at:

On this page you will be able to watch a 13 minutes video where I share with you my years of struggles, the amazing results I have achieved in the last 3 years plus some insights about my THINKLEAN FORMULA Coaching Programme.

I am also giving the opportunity to anyone seriously interested to knowing more about my amazing weight loss journey and coaching programme, to request a 60 minutes, completely FREE, no obligation, no strings attached introductory conversation with me in the next few days.

This 60 minutes conversation is an opportunity for you, tired of fighting with weight loss, food addictions, food cravings and dieting, to take the first, and most important step towards your completely new mind and body!

It’s a lifetime opportunity for you to take the first step towards your completely new life!

Visit, watch my video and request your FREE 60’ coaching conversation.

I promise, you have NOTHING TO LOSE, apart all the fat that is holding you back mentally and physically.


I am looking forward to meet you soon.
Have a wonderful weekend.


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Insanity LIVE UK – New Classes in Stockport and Partington

Hi everyone, I have finally made another dream possible.
First becoming an Insanity LIVE Instructor last January and now starting to organise my own Insanity LIVE Classes in the Greater Manchester area.

Few dates available in Stockport and Partington area between March and May 2017.
More classes at different dates and venues coming soon.

Each class cost £5.00, and you can book you won one by using the calendars below that will link you to the event page on Eventbrite!

You can also :
Join the new Meetup Group at:

Visit my Facebook Page at:

I’ll see you soon.

All Powers Gym – Stockport – Insanity LIVE – MARCH 2017

The Fuse ROC – Partington Insanity LIVE – APRIL/MAY 2017

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Success is a Journey – Story of a struggle!

Success is a journey made by ups and downs moments. What you usually see from people are the final positive results of their journey but not the struggles they had to face to get there….

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. “

Joshua J. Marine

But when you push over your limits and in spite of they way you feel, you force yourself to keep going, to keep moving forward towards your desire, you achieve incredible results, and today was the proof! 🙂

Keep going, keep pushing!

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Insanity t-shirt – I EARNED IT!

Just received my free Insanity t-shirt, very proud of this new achievement.

“It’s a long road but it’s worth it.”

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Record of the Day: Lowest Weight in 25 years!

I took this is a picture in January 2014 when my personal development, mental and physical started. However I was fat, I was NOT fat as much as I was years before this photo when I reached the top weight 120 Kg (264 lbs). I will probably find some pictures soon to show you how ridiculous I was.

Anyway I have just checked my weight (even in the afternoon you should not) and with surprise (I haven’t eaten really really clean lately 🙂 ) I am currently  on the lowest weight ever reached in the last 25 years 82.9 kg (182.7 lbs) and I am very happy about it!

As I said in the previous post I have started today  Insanity MAX:30 and by the end of the 60 days I weigh 75kg (165 lbs) or less! This is now a public goal!

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Insanity MAX:30 – The journey continue…

And the journey continue with Insanity MAX:30

Today I have started the programme that will run until the 26 March 2017 – in the picture above the results I had in the last 3 years, with more focus on what I have achieved since August 2016 when with Focus T25 I have stated to use BeachBody home programmes.

I am still pretty still far from my real goal but, so far a great life changing journey and also great results…however I know I can do better than that!

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”
Jerry West

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