Antonio Esposito Core De Force Live Instructor

Only few days since I have successfully completed the Core De Force Training day at Defy Gravity Studio in Stoke-on-Trent  with the Beachbody Master Trainer Gemma Shales and I am very excited to teach this great and super fun Mixed Martial Arts oriented workout.

Almost one year passed since I did my Insanity LIVE certification and I am happy to say that it has been a 2017 full of challenges that I was able to face and overcome and also full year of  amazing

personal accomplishments. Physically, mentally and professionally, and I am looking forward for a even brighter 2018!

Few words about CORE DE FORCE workout below and few links where you can get information about the home programme and the live format!

CORE DE FORCE is a mixed martial arts-inspired workout that puts a little badass into exercise in a non-contact, high-energy, total-body sculpting class. With no equipment needed, the workout combines movements from western Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and more to teach anyone how to move and train like a fighter— with agility, control, balance, and precision. It’s a high-energy workout, with 3-minute Rounds of fight combinations, spikes, and conditioning movements. Throughout the class, the focus is core-centric movement designed to develop a strong, powerful core.

Hard-hitting, high-energy music drives the motivation, but doesn’t drive the movement—participants move at their own pace, finding the sweet spot of purposeful technique, and challenging tempos. This makes the class appropriate for seasoned athletes and beginners alike.

One of the most exciting outcomes of taking CORE DE FORCE classes is the feeling of confidence and empowerment that participants experience as a result of training like an MMA fighter. #fightforit #coredeforce #beachbodylive

Core De Force Live Training
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