Antonio Esposito Weight Loss Coach

This last day of November, started at the lowest point possible. For some reason I had not intention to do my Insanity workout, and I didn’t, and I was in an¬†awful mood. ūüôĀ

I usually do my workout around 6.30am, this morning at 8am I was still in bed, which something very uncommon for me and something I am not happy with.

Laziness without reason is not something I am comfortable with. Anyway sometime you need to let things go, some days are born to be shit and there is nothing to do with it!

Well, my last sentence, the underlined one above, it’s actually an excuse, an excuse that we often use when we are not willing to take responsibility for our own shit,¬†when we decide to be not in control of our thoughts and we let our internal crap and negative self-talk define¬†our days.

What most people don’t know is that we¬†can always chose to change our crappy days, by consciously taking complete control¬†over our: THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & BEHAVIOURS,¬†which are the only 3 things we are in control of in our life. Period!

All the rest of the things that we think we are in control of, are merely ILLUSIONS!

So, for me this 30th of November started as one of those¬†days that you wish to delete from¬†the calendar, but…

….after few hours of wondering around the house, complaining about things that I cannot change anyway, wasting time with useless thoughts and disempowering beliefs, I have decided, that my day needed to be great and profitable and my mood was something that I had the power too change at anytime, just by changing my thoughts and my focus.

Then, even in my awful mood, I sat on my desk and completely focused on several tasks I was procrastinating on and complete them and I successfully did it.

I also had a good healthy launch, in spite of my desire of eating¬†crappy and….at 4.30pm guess what?

I put my training¬†clothes on and I pushed really hard while I was doing my favourite Inanity workout “Plyometric Cardio Circuit”…and at the end not only my day was great, but I have accomplished several¬†things I am very happy and proud of.

gratitude-quotesThe moral of the story is that, yes, ¬†sometime we can have shit days, ¬†but we have always the power to turn this kind of days¬†upside down just changing the way we think about ourselves and the world around us,¬†and also by focusing less on what we don’t have yet and enjoy and be more grateful about what we have, because most of the time, what we already have, it’s more than enough!