ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey 100 Days 1-to-1 Weight Loss Coaching Programme 2018

Hi everyone guys, the THINKLEAN Mind & Body Transformation Journey is now updated to the version 2018. 100 days, 14 weeks, 7 modules.

“Weight Loss Starts in the Mind!” – Transform your life in 90 Days

“Weight Loss Starts in the Mind!” Changing my mindset towards myself, towards food and fitness is what gave me the results I had in the 4 years. I wasted 25 years of my life chasing a dream that I thought was impossible to reach, diet after diet, pain after pain! Today I am still working […]

Find your best then beat it – Daily Motivation!

If you want to compete with someone, always compete with yourself first! Every single day, in the exact moment you get out of the bed, ask yourself: “what can I do today to become better than how I was yesterday?” then, DO everything in your power and in your possibility to accomplish this daily goal. […]

Be your own best friend!

Be your own best friend!

For most part of my life, I strongly believed that they way you are born (both mentally and physically) is the way you are going to die. In my mind didn’t exist the word change. “This is who I am and nothing will ever change…” was my usual approach to life. Although this was one of […]