Rebecca Hewitt Body Transformation at Coaching

Rebecca Hewitt Body Transformation at Coaching

Hello, my name is Becky. I started the ThinkLean Coaching Programme with Antonio in April and since then I’ve completely changed my attitude to food, feel more confident to take my daughter new places, have less physical pain, exercise regularly and oh yes I’ve lost over 3 stone in weight (& still going). Let me give you some background; I have struggled […]

Love Yourself – The Secret of Happiness

Love Yourself – The Secret of Happiness

I’ve found an old picture of me took in California in 2010 I guess, and after a long time, I’ve decided to post another Before-After* photo of my journey (Taken on the 21st Nov 2018). I never liked what I saw in the mirror, I’ve never really loved myself in total, both physically and mentally. […]

Idil Ali, United Kingdom

Having to go through a difficult time and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, struggling with every area of my life, to the point where not being able to control my emotions and letting it take charge over my life. I was lucky enough to give coaching a chance, something I […]

Suki Mal, United Kingdom

What can I say about this amazing person… from the moment i met Antonio I knew he had potential… and his pursuit to help others has been remarkable… Antonio has all the natural abilities when it comes to coaching but what amazed me most about Antonio is the time and effort he will provide and […]

Martin Hayman, United Kingdom

In just my first session with Antonio, he really opened my eyes. Has made me think in a whole different way that’s really helping me already. He also highlighted things I’d never noticed before like the amount I say “but”. Just trying to eliminate this word is making a huge difference. I would highly recommend […]

Sanae Floyd, United Kingdom

I achieved an incredible breakthrough during Antonio’s Unstoppable Achiever event and I’m so grateful! The day was so much fun and Antonio’s openness and willingness to share his incredible story was inspiring. I feel like I have such a renewed motivation for achieving my big goals now!! Thank you!!

Abdul H S Mohammed, United Kingdom

I attended the one-day seminar with Antonio. I regularly go to personal development seminars, and this was one of the most valuable seminars. So many self-discoveries. Perhaps the most important one was that Antonio helped me realise my greatest values in life. Whether you’re feeling stuck in life or just want to accelerate your performance, […]