Dig Deeper is a Lifestyle! – Overcome fear, struggles, pain and WIN!

“Dig Deeper” is a lifestyle. It’s what helped me to change, it’s what helped me to overcome fear, struggle and pain and push over my mental and physical bounderies. Dig deeper in your life is what will help you to push harder, to give 100% of yourself even when you think it’s too hard, it’s to painful, there is something still that telling you that you can push a little bit more. One more reps, one more mile, one more step and you WILL win.

Directly from USA @shauntapparel my new Dig Deeper hoodie @shaunt Early Christmas gift for me!
Dig Deeper ya’ll! (cit.)

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DietBet: The Transformation Challenge with Shaun T – 28 November – 25 December 2017

This year I will celebrate my 42th birthday with my fav word: A CHALLENGE! I have just joined Shaun T @shaunt in a weight loss BET/CHALLENGE to lose 4% on my weight in 4 weeks until the 25th December 2017. It would be an amazing way to celebrate Xmas and the end of this 2017. I need some serious motivation at the moment.

I am struggling to go below 80kg (170lbs). My main goal is still going down to at least 75kg (165lbs) but it’s very, very challenging at the moment and this bet could give me that little boost I need to reach a personal weight record that I never, ever seen on the scale in my adult life, and who knows, maybe win some cash as well that’s never a bad idea! 

Don’t bullshit yourself this year again with a new year resolution, they don’t work and they never will. Whatever your goal is, lose weight, start your business or finally get rid of unhealthy people and poor relationships, the time is NOW.

You must start today, because tomorrow? Tomorrow can be too late.

If you want be part of this challenge click on the link below or visit https://www.dietbet.com/shaunt

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