Success is a Journey – Story of a struggle!

Success is a journey made by ups and downs moments. What you usually see from people are the final positive results of their journey but not the struggles they had to face to get there….

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. “

Joshua J. Marine

But when you push over your limits and in spite of they way you feel, you force yourself to keep going, to keep moving forward towards your desire, you achieve incredible results, and today was the proof! ūüôā

Keep going, keep pushing!

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Insanity t-shirt – I EARNED IT!

Just received my free Insanity t-shirt, very proud of this new achievement.

“It’s a long road but it’s worth it.”

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Insanity MAX:30 – The journey continue…

And the journey continue with Insanity MAX:30

Today I have started the programme that will run until the 26 March 2017 – in the picture above the results I had in the last 3 years, with more focus on what I have achieved since August 2016 when with Focus T25 I have stated to use BeachBody home programmes.

I am still pretty still far from my real goal but, so far a great life changing journey and also great results…however I know I can do better than that!

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”
Jerry West

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Learn and practice self-love. Do it now!

Love yourself and be proud of everything you do, even your mistakes. Because even mistakes mean that you’re are trying.

Recognising and rewarding your big and small successes in life, also accepting your mistakes, are skills that we all MUST to learn and practice daily.

Loving yourself more, it’s not a selfish act, but it’s the only opportunity you have to create a good relationship with the only person that you have to spend all your life with. YOU!

So it’s better that you start now! It’s not easy, I know….but I am doing it and you can do it too!


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If God has given you a dream, don’t give up on it. Period!

This morning I have found a receipt from Total Fitness, it was back on 10 April 2013, long time ago and some kilos ago.
Yes, I am very proud of myself and my achievements so far, of course, it’s in my nature to think that I could have done much better than what how¬†I did in 3 years but I have also learned to believe that when¬†you are moving slow, you are¬†moving faster¬†than who is not moving at all!!

3 years ago I wished to be where I am today, so the moral is that you have to believe in your dreams and in yourself, always and unconditionally.

I never believed in myself and even less, I never believe I was able to achieve any¬†goal and dream. I had to learn that is possible to achieve anything you want in life¬†in the hard way possible, by falling, making mistakes, dealing with disappointments, rejections, failures and pain and i am still learning day by day, step by step, failure by failure but I keep¬†going, I keel pushing and I will keep going no matter what and no matter who will tell me that I can’t or I won’t.

I am the only one¬†allowed¬†to decide what I can or¬†what I can’t do in my life. Today I have to admit that¬†I truly believe that there is nothing in the world I can’t do!

If you are chasing a dream keep going, keep pushing, I know it’s hard, I know sometimes hurts but keep going and if haven’t start yet, then start today because tomorrow can be too late!!

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Focus T25 – Day 46/100 – Cheating Night: Belgian Chocolate Brownie (only 790kcal)

46¬†days passed since I have started of my personal “100 Days Mind and Body Transformation Challenge”, hard work and satisfaction so even if I ma not a dog, I have decided to reward¬†myself with a nice 800 Calories Belgian Chocolate Brownie, and because I have decided to document my entire life changing journey, you can watch here my cheating video!

Keep smiling life is short!

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