P90X: Healthy Birthday Present!

p90x-4__55061-1322510111-1280-1280P90X the old and famous home training programme from BeachBody as nice and healthy birthday present!
I have just received in the post with a 70% discount for Black Friday!

I love planning ahead so, I just finished to allocate the time for each one of the BeachBody home training programmes I own so far. If you are curious and/or maybe you are interested in joining the challenge with me :-), feel free to visit my complete 1 year-ish (378 days) training calendar!

P90X is booked in between 10 April 2017 and 04 June 2017!

Now I am only waiting the launch of Core de Force  (UK release 01/12/2016) and I am good for at least 1 year+ 🙂

2017 will be a busy and exciting year! 😉

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