Insanity & Core De Force Live Classes in Stockport | St Philip’s Catholic Primary School from January 2018

This is the time of the year when people start to think about all desires and wishes they would like to  reach in the new year. Stop smoking, starting a diet, getting, fit, join a gym, the list is endless.

Unfortunately all those wishes won’t last long. Usually by the end of January (if not before) all the good intentions are lost and all bad habits are coming back stronger than before.

How do I know? Well I did the same for more than 25 years, year after year, over and over again.

One day though, I have finally decided! I did want a different life, both physically and mentally so I have started to take action and commit to a new lifestyle.

I have decided of NOT wishing anymore and START doing day after day, year after year and that’s when my life completely changed. That was the moment when I have started to reach goals that I never imagined possible for myself.

This year, my desire is to help you to start with the right foot. I have just closed an agreement with the St Philip’s Catholic Primary School in Stockport and I am very excited to announce that from the 6th January 2018 and for every following Saturdays, I will host new Insanity and Core de Force LIVE classes at the school’s sports hall.

The St Philip’s Catholic Primary School has a great sports hall where I also perform my Taekwondo classes since 2014 with Ma’am Ruth Chare Smith (TKD 6th Dan), multi-times Taekwondo world champion (

A perfect venue for Insanity and Core De Force Live classes.

The timetable starting from Saturday 6th January 2018 is:
INSANITY LIVE – 9:15am – 10:15am (£5 per class)
CORE DE FORCE – 10:30am – 11:30am (£5 per class)

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