Focus T25 T-Shirt, Taekwondo Blue Belt, Insanity 3rd Week – Celebration Week!

A celebration week for my “Mind and Body Transformation Challenge“.

Few days ago, I have received my Focus T 25 T-shirt after I have successfully completed the training programme between August and November 2016.

Right now I am already enjoying my 3rd week of Insanity and I also received my Taekwondo Blue belt after almost 3 years of hard work.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
Oprah Winfrey

If you are interested in starting a new challenging, but amazing journey with Martial Arts and you want to know more about Taekwondo visit: or contact Ma’am Ruth Chare Smith to book your first introductory lesson.

Keep going, keep pushing

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Focus T25 T-Shirt – I NAILED IT!

T25 T-shirt

Today I have received my free FOCUS T25 T-Shirt and I am very proud of it.

It looks like a simple branded t-shirt but, IT’S NOT, this shirt is a symbol, the proof that you have started something challenging and you have finished it. The path was though, long and full of roadblocks but you have made it, YOU HAVE NAILED IT!

and…it’s only the beginning! 😉

Keep going, keep pushing.

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My Mind & Body Transformation Journey – Part 1 is now LIVE!

3 months ago I have decided to make my life more interesting starting a personal (private) “Mind & Body Transformation Challenge”, during the past 3 months I have documented everything in my blog secret in a Facebook group and on Youtube, everything was set on private but I have now decided to share my journey with all of you.
This is just the beginning of a life time journey, a small step towards bigger and bigger goals!
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Focus T25 Completed! Results after 96 days and the next challenge…

04-11-2016My 100 days mind and body transformation challenge has been completed today 4 November 2016.

With my last workout from the Gamma cycle, I have complete with amazing results Focus T25 training programme by BeachBody.

I have decided to keep going and transform the 100 days challenge to a 365 days challenge…so what’s next?

Well, next there is INSANITY, I will start the programme Monday 7 November 2016, 60 days to get more insane results, I can’t wait…it will be hard, it will be challenging but I will nailed it!

Good luck to me!

Results after the 3 cycles of Focus T25 (Alpha, Beta & Gamma) by BeachBody

START 01/08/2016END 04/11/2016FINAL RESULTS
Weight: 92.8 Kg Weight: 84.7 Kg - 8.1 Kg
Chest: 109 cmChest: 98 cm- 11 cm
Waist: 104 cm Waist: 94 cm - 10 cm
Hips: 106 cm Hips: 98 cm - 8 cm
Arms (r/l): 36 cm Arms (r/l): 31 cm- 5 cm
Thigh (r/l): 64 cm Thigh (r/l): 61 cm- 3 cm
Body Fat: 21.9% Body Fat: tbctbc
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A date to Remember: 1st November 2016

November is my fav month, maybe because is my birthday month or maybe because…I am just a winter guy ;-)!

Today is my day 93 of my “100 Days Mind and Body Transformation Challenge” and I am on my last week of T25 Gamma Cycle, it has been a great journey with great results but I feel like I have just started a life long never ending journey of improvements and satisfactions.

This morning after, two T25 workouts, I have checked my weight, I didn’t in weeks and I was not able to believe to my eyes!

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