Focus T25 T-Shirt, Taekwondo Blue Belt, Insanity 3rd Week – Celebration Week!

A celebration week for my “Mind and Body Transformation Challenge“. Few days ago, I have received my Focus T 25 T-shirt after I have successfully completed the training programme between August and November 2016. Right now I am already enjoying my 3rd week of Insanity and I also received my Taekwondo Blue belt after almost […]

Focus T25 T-Shirt – I NAILED IT!

Today I have received my free FOCUS T25 T-Shirt and I am very proud of it. It looks like a simple branded t-shirt but, IT’S NOT, this shirt is a symbol, the proof that you have started something challenging and you have finished it. The path was though, long and full of roadblocks but you have […]

My Mind & Body Transformation Journey – Part 1 is now LIVE!

3 months ago I have decided to make my life more interesting starting a personal (private) “Mind & Body Transformation Challenge”, during the past 3 months I have documented everything in my blog secret in a Facebook group and on Youtube, everything was set on private but I have now decided to share my […]

Focus T25 Completed! Results after 96 days and the next challenge…

My 100 days mind and body transformation challenge has been completed today 4 November 2016. With my last workout from the Gamma cycle, I have complete with amazing results Focus T25 training programme by BeachBody. I have decided to keep going and transform the 100 days challenge to a 365 days challenge…so what’s next? Well, […]

A date to Remember: 1st November 2016

A date to Remember: 1st November 2016

November is my fav month, maybe because is my birthday month or maybe because…I am just a winter guy ;-)! Today is my day 93 of my “100 Days Mind and Body Transformation Challenge” and I am on my last week of T25 Gamma Cycle, it has been a great journey with great results but […]