New Core De Force Live Instructor in Manchester – Antonio Esposito #Fight For It!

Only few days since I have successfully completed the Core De Force Training day at Defy Gravity Studio in Stoke-on-Trent  with the Beachbody Master Trainer Gemma Shales and I am very excited to teach this great and super fun Mixed Martial Arts oriented workout.

Almost one year passed since I did my Insanity LIVE certification and I am happy to say that it has been a 2017 full of challenges that I was able to face and overcome and also full year of  amazing

personal accomplishments. Physically, mentally and professionally, and I am looking forward for a even brighter 2018!

Few words about CORE DE FORCE workout below and few links where you can get information about the home programme and the live format!

CORE DE FORCE is a mixed martial arts-inspired workout that puts a little badass into exercise in a non-contact, high-energy, total-body sculpting class. With no equipment needed, the workout combines movements from western Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and more to teach anyone how to move and train like a fighter— with agility, control, balance, and precision. It’s a high-energy workout, with 3-minute Rounds of fight combinations, spikes, and conditioning movements. Throughout the class, the focus is core-centric movement designed to develop a strong, powerful core.

Hard-hitting, high-energy music drives the motivation, but doesn’t drive the movement—participants move at their own pace, finding the sweet spot of purposeful technique, and challenging tempos. This makes the class appropriate for seasoned athletes and beginners alike.

One of the most exciting outcomes of taking CORE DE FORCE classes is the feeling of confidence and empowerment that participants experience as a result of training like an MMA fighter. #fightforit #coredeforce #beachbodylive

Core De Force Live Training
Core De Force Shakeology Pack
Core De Force Base Kit

For more info about Core De Force and the Live classes get in touch at:

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Find your best then beat it – Daily Motivation!

If you want to compete with someone, always compete with yourself first!
Every single day, in the exact moment you get out of the bed, ask yourself: “what can I do today to become better than how I was yesterday?” then, DO everything in your power and in your possibility to accomplish this daily goal.

Desire to be better than the day before, doesn’t mean not loving or appreciating who you were yesterday, it only means that YOU KNOW than you can always be better, that you can always improve, learn, challenge yourself and move one step forward in a more productive and efficient way!

This is the foundation of self-love. Loving and appreciating your big and small successes is what will make you consciously aware that you want and deserve to become a better version of yourself every single day.

DO NOT DO IT for your partner, not for your family, or your friends or your boss, DO IT for yourself and your future self will thank you!

“Find your best then beat it.” –

Shaun Week – Insane Basic Week 3 – Day 1
Thank you Jose Flores @jflothecoach2 for the inspiration.

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November: New month, new challenges!

New month, new challenges. My journey continues in November with 3 workouts a day.
Shaun Week calendar repeated for the next 4 weeks @shaunt, together with a MMA workouts from Core de Force as practice for my Core de Force Instructor training day on the 19 November 2017 with Gemma Shakes @gemmashales and a rotating Abs workout from Insanity MAX30. I am aiming for about 1 hour and 40 minutes+ training per day with an average of 850 / 950+ calories burned per workout….lots of fun and lots of sweat the first 2 days where amazing! As a side note, for the first time in the last 2 weeks I have used Beachbody Energize (pre/during workout) and Beachbody Recover (post workout) from @beachbodyperformance and they are absolutely amazing!!!

You must try them to believe. Keep digging deep! 👊🏻💪

Useful links…
Beachbody on Demand
Beachbody Performance Stack
Become a Beachbody Coach

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It’s your turn to overcome food and fat problems, I am here to help!

Dedication, sacrifice, persistence, determination, power, desire, faith and years of studies on human behaviours, psychology, neuroscience, motivation, emotional eating and addiction gave me the opportunity to completely change who I am inside and out.

25 years struggles pain helped me to develop a unique advanced weight loss coaching programme, a journey of 12 weeks where, step by step, I will guide you, empower you and motivate you to create a completely new version of yourself both mentally and physically.

I am here to help, I am here if you are tired of having a mediocre life, I am here if you are ready for a lifetime challenge that I will help you to win!

I lost during the years a total of 80 pounds / 6 stones / 40kg. In this picture the celebration of what I was able to achieve in the last 12 months at the Team Beachbody UK Launch last 21st October 2017.

Only and only if you are 100% ready to step up, to destroy your food addiction, to destroy your body fat once and for all, if you are finally ready to raise your standards, and enjoy your life it’s the moment to get in touch and learn how you can create your NEW YOU!

Also, visit my advanced coaching programme at

And, if you want to know more about me, my journey and my career as life performance and weight loss coach, please feel free to visit the following sites and social media pages.

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Insanity LIVE UK – New Classes in Stockport and Partington

Hi everyone, I have finally made another dream possible.
First becoming an Insanity LIVE Instructor last January and now starting to organise my own Insanity LIVE Classes in the Greater Manchester area.

Few dates available in Stockport and Partington area between March and May 2017.
More classes at different dates and venues coming soon.

Each class cost £5.00, and you can book you won one by using the calendars below that will link you to the event page on Eventbrite!

You can also :
Join the new Meetup Group at:

Visit my Facebook Page at:

I’ll see you soon.

All Powers Gym – Stockport – Insanity LIVE – MARCH 2017

The Fuse ROC – Partington Insanity LIVE – APRIL/MAY 2017

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Insanity t-shirt – I EARNED IT!

Just received my free Insanity t-shirt, very proud of this new achievement.

“It’s a long road but it’s worth it.”

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Insanity MAX:30 – The journey continue…

And the journey continue with Insanity MAX:30

Today I have started the programme that will run until the 26 March 2017 – in the picture above the results I had in the last 3 years, with more focus on what I have achieved since August 2016 when with Focus T25 I have stated to use BeachBody home programmes.

I am still pretty still far from my real goal but, so far a great life changing journey and also great results…however I know I can do better than that!

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”
Jerry West

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I am a new Insanity Certified PRO Team Instructor!

After maybe a month or so without publishing anything on this blog, I am very proud and happy to share with you today another great achievement in my “Mind & Body Transformation Challenge”.

More than 6 months passed since I have started on the 1st of August 2016 and I can’t believe how many things changed and how many fantastic results I have achieved, actually results that I have never achieved in my life before.

Since August 2016, I have completed the 3 phases of Focus T25 and yesterday was my last day of Insanity. I did the standard two months of the programme plus another one using the Deluxe Workouts – Upper Body Weight and Sport Training, and yesterday I have celebrate the end of the 3 months with Insanity by successfully becoming an Insanity Certified Instructor and joining the BeachBody PRO Team in the United Kingdom.

With some great inspiring people at the Insanity Workshop!



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