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Antonio Esposito - Life Coach & Weight Loss Coach
Antonio Esposito – Life Coach & Weight Loss Coach

Hi everyone, and welcome to my personal journey.
My name is Antonio Esposito and in the pages of this blog I like to share the key experiences (good and bad) of my mind and body transformation journey started about 4 years ago. I don’t consider myself a very social person, but, however, it’s interesting for me to share the most important progress and experiences that helped me and hopefully can help you to create a more fulfilled life.

Taking 100% responsibility in my life for everything I have ever done good and bad and stop blaming the world for the things I didn’t like, was the first step I took to completely change myself physically and mentally over the last few years. Taking 100% responsibility for everything, made me realise that I am in charge, and I am capable of changing everything and anything anytime I want.

Applying this fundamental concept in your life is what can completely change the course of your life for good.

I am just turned 42, and I spent most of my life not happy with who I was both mentally and physically, being fat and insecure most of my life and I had to constantly live with a mask that was not really belonging to who I was inside. At the same time, while not being happy, I was blaming my external world for all the things I didn’t like about myself. The reason why I was not happy was always someone else or something else outside my responsibility. There was always something to blame and excuses to create to justify my unhappiness.

One random day, I read from a great book The Success Principle by Jack Canfield the “100% Responsibility” concept and I have took the decision to doubt my lifetime beliefs system. I start to ask myself one simple question: “What if who I am today both good and bad is a results of something I have done good or bad at some point in the past? and nothing and nobody has nothing  to do with it, but myself?”

I started to look deeply in my past. I have re-evaluate every single experience good and bad, every single significant person I met, every single relationship. My school years, the relationship with my parents, with my country of origin and most important, my relationship with myself. Trust me it was a very hard and painful self-assessment, but it was the most important thing I have done in my entire life.

The result was overwhelming and life changing. The answer was YES! who I DO, BE, and HAVE today if I like or not, it’s my own fault or merit. EVERYTHING WAS MY ENTIRE FAULT! (being more polite, everything was in my responsibility) and because everything was in my entire responsibility, it meant that I had the opportunity to change, to reverse everything I was not happy about by starting from inside-out.

From that day, everything changed, and it’s still in a constant change today.
I started to love and appreciate myself more, I learned to appreciate even little step forward. I had to forgive many people in my life, people I thought were responsible for my poor mental and physical state. I had to ditch many fake goals and desires created just to please others and not myself. I had to basically start all over again, completely from the scratch, with one big difference. This time I was starting from inside-out. I started to change myself first and as automatic result, even the world outside me started to change for better.

The way I was physically by being fat most of my life, was always a big problem for me, so I started from there. I took responsibility for it and started to take. After spending more than 25 years struggling with weight, food addictions and health problems, I was able to lose almost 7 stones in weight, at 42 years old I am at the best shape of my life mentally and physically. Today I have a completely different relationship with myself and with food and exercising is the most important part of my life. At the moment I am writing, I workout 7 days a week in multiple disciplines, plus I have my fitness classes 5 times a week as Insanity and Core De Force instructor.

After more than 15 years sitting behind a desk in the IT world as web designer, and not really being happy about it, I have, again, took responsibility for the things I didn’t like and I started to look for more. My new mental state and my research for happiness brought me in 2014 to discover life coaching. My life was not the same anymore. All over again, everything from the scratch. I have challenged myself and after 2 powerful year I have created my brand and my coaching business as Life Performance Coach at The ThinkingMind Coaching Ltd and as Weight Loss Coach at ThinkLean Formula. Since then I have also had the privilege to help many people to achieve results in life both mentally and physically that they never imagined possible.

Everything from one simple step forward. Taking 100% Responsibility of my life, with no more ifs, no more buts and no more excuses.

Today my journey continue. It’s is a new adventure and a new discovery everyday. Of course it’s not always an easy ride but it’s worth it.
Pain and discomfort is what most of the time keep people pushing even harder in life.

My mission today is to Empower and motivate people to make changes that will turn their life around.
While my biggest vision is of a world where people act and triumph over their deepest fears and live a limitless life.

These pages, my experience, my journey and my skill as life performance and weight loss coach and also all the pain and struggle I had to overcome over the past 30 years are the tools I have today and that I want to use to help you to move from a good life to an outstanding life. I want to help you to create the life that you always wanted and deserve.

I am here for you and with you. If you think you are ready to jump on journey that will completely change who you are inside and out, please, don’t wait anymore time, get in touch today!



Antonio Esposito - 5 Stars Life Coach & Weight Loss Coach

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