28112016-8-45amae_vintageYesterday, 27 November 2016, was my 41th Birthday, I don’t usually care but, I was really tempted to celebrate with a huge amount of “lovely crappy food”….I won against the temptation and I have decided to celebrate, instead, eating even less calories than I usually do, even because this morning I supposed to have my weight and body fat checked so it was a wise decision stay cleaned as possible.

Long story short, this morning at 6am, I started my week 4 of Insanity (Month 1) with a nice 56 minutes of Pure Cardio and Cardio ABS and then I went to check my progress with my PT.

15109360_10154035089387452_1499817315156141690_nA good celebration for my 41th birthday, I have lost 4 more Kg (Personal Weight World Record 83.5 Kg) since lat time I have checked on the 10 October 2016 and the Body fat percentage, dropped by 1.2% from 21% to 19.8%. Not too much but as I always say: one step at the time is better than no step at all.

Apparently, though, based on the stats, I am not eating enough daily calories to healthily sustain my training and my body transformation.

As part of the 4Kg loss, I also lost 0.9 kg in muscles and it seems like with the time this can damage my health. In order to prevent that….Guess? I have to eat more calories = I have to eat more food.

Now, if you are visiting this blog and you are still reading this article, it’s probably because you are dealing with some kind of diet, training programme, weight loss challenge, food addiction, cravings and things like that, and I am sure you would like to hear an expert saying to you “you have to absolutely eat more calories = more food” if you want to achieve your goals! I am sure you are more use to hear the opposite and I was used too.

Now unfortunately, for me eating more food, more healthy is not a good news. When I can eat more, I eat much more and for laziness not healthy food so I prefer to stay strict on a low calories intake per day and eventually have some spare protein bar/shake instead of eating more food.

The conclusion is:
While I am on the week 4 of Insanity, I have to consider / find a new different approach to food/calories/cooking (I hate cooking) for me everything is on speed, which is a huge problem when you must eat healthy food only.

tesco-finest-red-velvet-cakeSo the next few days are dedicated to THINK and find a good and healthy solution to keep moving forward towards my fitness goals in a more profitable way, without feel the usual burden around food. CHALLENGING but I guess like everything doable! Good luck to me!

PS: By the way just after my body stats check….I had a couple of slices of a very nice (never tried before) Red Velvet Cake, just as celebration of my new 41th VINTAGE STATE! 🙂