Episode 3: How Your Body Image & Self-Esteem Impact Your Weight Loss at ThinkLeanFormula.com

Hi everyone and welcome back…
In this third episode of the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey, I am going to talk to you about, how your body image and the level of your self-esteem have a huge impact on the quality of your weight loss results.

The key point in this video is that taking care of your physical aspect requires effort and in order to achieve results that you will be proud of, results that you will be able to sustain for the rest of your life, you must start from a point of self-love and self-respect for yourself.

Learn how to lover yourself more, respect your unique quality and embrace your good and bad characteristics, it will be probably the hardest thing you have to do in entire your life, but it’s worth it because it’s the first key thing to do to change your entire existence.

At the end of this video, I will also give you 3 important actions to take that will dramatically improve the relationship you have with your inner-self and start to see amazing results in your physical body.

Remember: “Weight Loss Starts In The Mind”.

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