It’s your turn to overcome food and fat problems, I am here to help!

Dedication, sacrifice, persistence, determination, power, desire, faith and years of studies on human behaviours, psychology, neuroscience, motivation, emotional eating and addiction gave me the opportunity to completely change who I am inside and out.

25 years struggles pain helped me to develop a unique advanced weight loss coaching programme, a journey of 12 weeks where, step by step, I will guide you, empower you and motivate you to create a completely new version of yourself both mentally and physically.

I am here to help, I am here if you are tired of having a mediocre life, I am here if you are ready for a lifetime challenge that I will help you to win!

I lost during the years a total of 80 pounds / 6 stones / 40kg. In this picture the celebration of what I was able to achieve in the last 12 months at the Team Beachbody UK Launch last 21st October 2017.

Only and only if you are 100% ready to step up, to destroy your food addiction, to destroy your body fat once and for all, if you are finally ready to raise your standards, and enjoy your life it’s the moment to get in touch and learn how you can create your NEW YOU!

Also, visit my advanced coaching programme at

And, if you want to know more about me, my journey and my career as life performance and weight loss coach, please feel free to visit the following sites and social media pages.

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