Learn to love yourself. Learn to LIVE!

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity.” – Katrina Mayer
I never thought possible in my entire life being able to wear a sleeveless shirt and feel comfortable in it.
I never thought possible I was able to take a picture of myself wearing it and publishing it on the web.
Being fat, being ashamed of myself as person and for the way I looked for pretty much all my life, today, when I look myself in the mirror, everything looks like a surreal dream.

I always been very, very harsh with myself and for this reason, I still feel that I am very far from the mind and body I really want, but I am learning.

I am learning day by day to take one step at the time, I am learning to enjoy the little steps even when they seems apparently small and most important thing, I am learning to enjoy the journey.

A journey made of sacrifices, tears, sweat, sometimes failures and disappointment, but it’s my journey, I own it and I am on the driver seat, with God’s help I know where I am going and I am happy with it.
At almost 42 years old, I am finally learning, for the first time in my entire life to love myself. To love myself for who I am, enjoying the good and accepting the bad.

I am learning to be excited about who I want to become. I am proud of not becoming a copy of someone else, but simply becoming the best version of myself.

I understand that you will never be able to love someone else, completely an unconditionally, if you don’t love yourself first. However to learn loving yourself it is the hardest thing that you will ever do in your entire life, but is the only thing that will give you a LIFE.

Start today, start small, but start. Right now is the moment to create your new you. Today and NOT tomorrow, because tomorrow can be too late.


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